with the ALU-PLAN® baseboards - also known as skirting boards - you get extensive solutions for the design and execution of the transition between floor and wall. whether attached, flush with the wall, with or without an integrated floor covering or sealing strip, with ALU-PLAN® you will always find the right baseboard in terms of shape, material and color.

on-wall-mounted baseboards

the classic attached skirting boards / baseboards of ALU-PLAN® are mounted directly on the wall after the floor covering has been laid. the G series is installed using fastening clips that are supplied with the respective profile. with all other classically attached profile strips; series i, series B, series L, series XL and series R, the assembly is mainly done by gluing with a suitable assembly adhesive. optionally, the profiles of the L and XL series can also be screwed to the wall with countersunk holes made by the fitter.

on-wall-mounted baseboards with flooring inserts

the aluminum baseboards of ALU-PLAN® listed below enable a clean finish on PVC or carpet floor coverings. the profiles attached to the wall are mounted on the wall in the course of or before the installation of the floor covering - by screwing or gluing with mounting adhesive. the respective floor covering is then glued into the profile. by using series E aluminum baseboards, or by using a semicircular channel gum, a hollow throat can be created here, which ensures special cleaning requirements, especially for PVC floors in hospitals.

in-wall / inbuilt or flush-mounted baseboards

by using the inbuilt- or flush-mounted baseboards of ALU-PLAN®, the flooring itself becomes the baseboard. the often aluminium pressmade extruded profiles of the series C, series E and series B will be installed in the wall before made the flooring. thereby the profiles are used as a stop-edge for the surface-mounting or for the second layer of the plasterboard drywall construction. the in the wall integrated profiles form a straight-line-finish. through this the main flooring can be continued in the wall. in the with a flooring-depth (BE) marked profiles can be inserted by several different floorings.

straight wall mounted baseboards

as the name already explains, straight wall mounted baseboards creating a straight wall finish. the flush- / or inbuilt-mounted baseboard profiles from ALU-PLAN® usually consist of a lower profile (UP) and an upper profile. as with wall-integrated skirting boards, the sub-profile acts as a stop edge for surface-mounting or for a second layer of plasterboard in drywall construction. after the floor covering work, the upper profiles (OP) are inserted into the lower profiles.